Oct 30 2014

S8080 Presents: The Night of the Living Devs

Happy Halloween from the team at S8080

This year, S8080’s spooktacular Halloween treat has set the bar even higher with a chilling (and thrilling) HD YouTube movie.

Filmed and edited entirely in-house by our own creative team, the guys* show they have talents way beyond websites development.

Click the video link and see who you think has the best zombie moves… if you dare.

Thank you to everyone who played part in putting this together – and a huge thank you goes out to Gethin Jones for his outstanding sound design.

Happy Halloween.

*Despite appearances, no developers were harmed during the making of this film.


Dec 21 2008

YouTube in Hi-Def

YouTube has added the option to watch videos in HD.

Any uploaded movies that are wider than 720px will give you the option to watch in High Definition.

Take a look at this…

…and then watch it again making sure you click on the ‘watch in HD’ link.


Be warned, you need a pretty fast connection. If it’s too slow, YouTube won’t even show you the ‘watch in HD’ link.

Bring it on.