Apr 20 2017

Sparking innovation

Be the Spark Wales

The Welsh Government needed a web site for a campaign that would bring together people with great ideas and facilitate a movement of entrepreneurship and innovation across Wales.

Nine of Wales’s most prominent business leaders are working with the Welsh Government as part of their ‘Be the Spark’ campaign, to bring together forward thinking people throughout various sectors.

The website needed to meet the expectations of the Welsh Government whilst achieving the goals of the nine panel members. As the web design and digital agency for the project, we worked closely with a leading marketing agency who were tasked with implementing the campaign as a whole.

Whilst the initial phase of the project set out the objectives of the movement, it needed to be implemented with the long-term vision for the project in mind. Ultimately the goal is that the project will organically grow a community and culture of innovation across Wales.

Be the Spark Wales

The initial impact of the site had to engage and inform the audience. A prominently displayed video background combined with a video explainer was used to immediately engage the user and introduce the Be the Spark concept. As one of the first sites to implement the new Wales brand, the new website had to adhere to the brand guidelines whilst at the same time finding its own identity. The overall result is a modern, impactful and engaging site that is in line with the expectations of this user group.

With the longer-term goals of the project in mind, engagement with the site was a critical factor in creating traction for the movement going forward. With a diverse range of user groups from business to academia, it was critical to serve content that was pertinent to each type of user. The strategy of the information architecture was to create a clear user journey for each distinct user group, allowing for relevant information to be served and resulting in increased engagement.

The site was built using Drupal 7 which gave the content editors a stable, scalable and easy to use content management system. The site is fully responsive and CSS3/HTML5 compliant. Using CSS3/HTML5 enabled smooth scaling, colour changing image transitions. Flexible and fast loading carousels contributed to the modern, fluid experience.

S8080 are very proud of how the site came together in such a short time and to such a high standard. We look forward to working on future phases of the project and helping to drive innovation and entrepreneurial culture across Wales.

Apr 18 2017

Open for business – Trade and Invest Wales

Trade and Invest Wales

Working with Welsh Government, S8080 were tasked with building a website that showcased the best in business across Wales. Trade and Invest Wales needed to be designed for a global audience to demonstrate Wales as a place of innovation and opportunity.

After producing wireframes for the various sections of the site, S8080 worked closely with the branding agency to advise on the initial designs, before creating a suite of templates based on a user centred design approach.

Trade and Invest Wales

To present a consistent user journey and help audiences prioritise the content, the templates utilise a combination of a grid system of content blocks and a bespoke article view. This gives the user a clear navigation system and sense of place within the site.

The main purpose of the site is to engage the user with the Welsh business success stories. To increase engagement a variety of content types are used throughout the site. The grid system was effective in housing multiple content types including statistics, editorial and video content.

Trade and Invest Wales mobile

With the content primarily B2B, the new Wales brand has been used in a way that’s more appropriate for a business audience. The minimal colour palette, uppercase headings and high quality photography all contribute to the professional, confident appearance. By presenting all the images as double density (Apple Retina display resolution), the quality and impact of the photography is maximised on supported devices.

To give a targeted, personalised experience, the contact section utilises html 5 geolocation technology to customise the user’s experience. With Welsh Government offices around the world, the user is presented with the details for the closest office to their location when making an enquiry.

By engaging the user with great content and offering ways to connect, whether directly or through an event in their area, the site showcases Wales as a great place to do business.

At a time when a global outlook is more important than ever, S8080 are proud to be part of such a critical project for the future of Wales.

Mar 23 2017

S8080 launch revamped Wales.com Drupal website


With the recent launch of the exciting new Wales brand, Welsh Government’s Wales.com team wanted to align their website with the clean, confident and outward looking appearance of this new identity.

As well as giving the site a fresh new look, the team wanted to look at other UX and Drupal improvements that would help enhance the user’s experience and re-focus the site.


Although the content on the existing site was sensibly grouped making it easy to navigate, an incredible range and number of articles were hidden away as 3rd level content. A major consideration of the redesign was to surface some of this valuable content at a higher level so it was more immediately visible. This allowed us to present engaging images and articles on the homepage, but meant that we needed to structure the content in a way that still accommodated for the specific audience groups.

Being one of the first sites to utilise the new Wales branding system made it a straightforward task to give the site its clean, fresh appearance. By grouping the content using the brand’s new colour palette, colour based segmentation was used homepage and throughout the site to help the distinct audience groups.


From a technical point of view, the major task was dealing with the amount of content on the existing site. Over 500 pages of content needed to be migrated into the new Drupal structure and styled, without the need for major changes to the mark-up. Our Drupal development team also built a bespoke full browser width multi-tile carousel which works across a range of browsers and devices. This means the site can be enjoyed in its entirety on everything from a desktop PC to an iPhone.

Take a look at the new Wales.com Drupal site here.

Apr 22 2013

Is a web design company a healthy place to work?

S8080 certainly is!

We have just won a national workplace health and well-being award backed by Welsh Government, basically, the Corporate Health Standard for SME’s.

s8080 web design company health award

As we have an ‘ISO’ in place for team welfare (OHSAS 18001), a lot of the requirements were already in place including regular display screen assessments (the whole team have new twin flat screen monitors), health and safety training, workplace ergonomics and a modern and pleasant working environment right on the sea front.

But it’s the other stuff we do that makes the difference to our digital agency…

  • Friday treats, where we provide hyper-healthy snacks alongside the ever popular muffins and pain au chocolat
  • Hand sanitiser on every desk that helps keep colds and bugs at bay
  • A humidifier running during the winter months to keep the air comfortable
  • Our office is on a Sustrans cycle route
  • A few of us started the ‘Couch to 5K’ running programme
  • We’ve entered a sizable team to take part in the BHF Gower Bike Ride this summer
  • Fresh fruit and veg brought in to share by the gardeners in the team (yes, there are quite a few of us!)
  • But we do still have the occasional Domino’s pizza day too 😉

s8080 digital agency bike rideWe are generally a healthy bunch of web designers and developers, with a good mix of sport and fitness interests including cycling, running, mountain biking and surfing. But as all of our team are 30 plus, it pays to keep expanding waistlines and illness at bay – and we have almost non-existent illness absence, so it’s working!

After a period of consultation and guidance, we were assessed by the Workplace Health team at Public Health Wales and awarded the Bronze standard Small Workplace Health Award, with the Silver standard to hopefully follow later this year. We’d like to say a big thank you to Rhian and Val from Public Health Wales for their knowledge, encouragement and enthusiasm.

You can contact them at workplacehealth@wales.nhs.uk or telephone  08456096006.

It’s valuable to S8080 on many obvious levels, but most importantly, the whole team feed in with ideas and opportunities to do fun stuff together rather than just a drink after work.

Picnic on Pen y Fan anyone?

Update 7th May…