Dec 20 2012

Two minutes with the best website design team in the UK!

s8080 the best website design team in uk

As we are coming to the end of a wonderful year, we asked everyone in our team to have a little think about three things that they would like to share on the S8080 blog…

  • What ‘big thing’ would you like to do in 2013?
  • Your best thing from 2012?
  • Your fave site and why?

They didn’t have to be web design specific things as it’s always nice for our clients to get a little personal insight on the s8080 web developers they work with day to day, it makes a nice change to chatting about design, UX or technical stuff!

Anyway, we’ll start with me…


  • Take my family somewhere sunny – when we were cold, wet and knee deep in (festival) mud in mid-August, I promised them the Med’ in 2013!
  • Learning to play an instrument and performing in front of 100’s of dancing partygoers
  • YouTube. An amazing resource for learning anything and everything – branding specifics, content marketing, SEO or playing bass guitar!


  • To go on a week-long yoga retreat, preferably somewhere hot with a beach!
  • Taking my daughter surfing for the first time. Truthfully it was mainly jumping over waves but fun all the same!
  • Twitter, it feeds my nosiness quite well both personally and for work of course!


  • To finally finish doing up my house so that I can actually get out and explore Wales with the family
  • Made my first short film with my Canon 60d, a fast fifty lens and the support of my brother who produced the sound design and also starred in the feature
  • Flickr – Just love randomly searching the site and finding new and exciting examples of photographic art


  • Master my electric guitar. Three chords may cover most Status Quo songs but I need more than that to play some AC/DC!!
  • Swansea City staying in the Premier League despite all the pessimistic predictions by the pundits.  It was worth a few quid down the bookies to me!!
  • So many sites to choose from but one I visit a lot is because I love my old TV shows and a lot of the time I’ll see an actor on TV and think, “Where do I know them from?” and have to look them up!


  • Drive across Europe in an open top sports car to Le Man 24hr or Monaco F1 Grand prix.
  • Seeing my children grow and evolve into lovely, funny kids.
  • Not really a site, but DropBox.  It’s amazing.


  • Getting married in the arctic circle
  • Becoming a Dad! (plus joining S8080 😉 )
  • ISO50 – because its full of design eye-candy (well worth a read)


  • Go back to NZ & visit my root
  • We are a Grandfather
  • \ Some of the best hifi around, and brilliant music to play on it. Love the Dunedin Consort in particular.


  • I would like to finish renovating my house – it’s been on-going for a few years and there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel
  • Spending my 40th birthday on the beach in a warm sunny country (not UK!) and spending it with my wife
  • is a bit nerdy to mention but it gives me answers to most of my technical development questions that I pose to Google


  • Hopefully a holiday abroad, haven’t been on one in a while as the kids have been too small to travel
  • Seeing all of the ‘first’s’ from my little boy and watching my little girl in her Christmas play singing her heart out
  • My inner geek says it has to be The Verge – It’s been a bumper year for Microsoft and it was the best place for all my Microsoft news


  • Introduce my son to the wonders of the Alps to see his Uncle….. skiing OR boarding that’s the question. Although as he’s not yet 4, I imagine it’s more likely to be sledging OR snowballing!
  • The incredible summer of sport, wife agreeing to let me do an Ironman (training is the only thing that stands in my way), discovering real coffee and of course another good year at S8080
  • and – continues to supply me with lists of things I could never afford and places I’ll never get to go… we’ve all got to dream


  • Already booked tickets to see favourite band Green Day playing next year at Emirates, but I would also like to go to New York on a holiday
  • Going to see NFL game at Wembley on my birthday
  • Favourite site hard to choose so go with favourite App ‘Flipboard’ which pulls in all feeds from my favourite websites, and keeps me up to date with everything happening in technology, entertainment, social etc.


  • I would love to watch Swansea City lift the league cup at Wembley (the first major trophy in our 100 year history) but apart from that, get more involved with responsive web development as we are now in the age of tablets and mobile
  • Seeing the massive response of entries into the National Assembly for Wales Photography competition and feeling quite chuffed, as it was our bi-lingual WordPress site!
  • You can’t go far wrong with the BBC website, but I’ve become rather fond of the Huffington Post website of late.


  • Early in 2013 I will get the keys to my first house
  • My Sister’s wedding in Sorrento
  • iPlayer, news and radio 4 podcasts, what more could you want?


  • Give blood for the first time, run a marathon, maybe even both! (not at the same time, that’s asking too much of 2013)
  • Getting to grips with (Drupal, Umbraco, EPiServer)…while planning and building a large decked area in the garden at home. (Went perfectly to plan, apart from the continual rain ever since….)
  • Wikipedia, it’s an amazing service; simple, effective and functional build – always there when you need information about literally everything and anything. No adverts, no hassle, no updates that could have ruined the experience. They’ve just completed their yearly fundraising to keep it that way, they need our help!


  • 2013 – more of the same please, 2012 has been a fantastic year both with the family and with the ever growing team at S8080.
  • 2012 – Seeing my daughter grow up fast and give us endless fun
  • It may have been hitting my 40’s in 2012 combined with my daughter growing fast (and loving all those iPad phonic and number apps), my nephew asking me about “how did you get into computers when you were in Junior school”, and working with the great team at Technocamps that I’ve become rather nostalgic about the days of the ZX81 & BBC.
    Through 2012 I’ve been inspired by Raspberry Pi and the theme of sites like which are enthusing and developing a new generation of young people to design and build the web rather than just consuming it… lets see more of that too in 2013.